8 Types of Consumers for Targeted Marketing

Released on 20 July 2023


Demographics provide a starting point for your consumer segmentation, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Why? Because you could miss the mark. This information alone is often based on broad assumptions and gives you a limited view of shoppers today.

That’s where our report comes in. Inside, you’ll find 8 types of consumers with distinct personalities, so you can create effective campaigns. Get data on their values, habits and path to purchase. Plus, recommended tactics to target each group.

Use these insights to refine your marketing, product development and retail strategies.


This report helps you:

  • Identify shopper motivations and factors that influence purchase decisions
  • Tailor your messaging, product positioning and brand activations to increase conversions
  • Improve customer engagement and reach potential buyers
This is the latest edition of our Consumer Types series. Compare behavioural patterns and changes with the 2022 report.

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