Top 100 Megabrands: How the World's Fast-Moving Brands Remain at the Top


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  • Find out how many packaged food, beauty and personal care, hot and soft drinks, home care, consumer health, tissue and hygiene and pet care brands feature in the ranking
  • Understand which geographic regions are most important to the megabrands
  • Identify ‘monogomous megabrands’ – brands that sell in one country but still sell enough to rank highly at a global level
  • Learn about some of the challenges the top 10 brands are facing and how they are responding

Euromonitor's Top 100 Megabrands report ranks the world's most successful consumer goods brands by retail sales value with analysis of the top 10.

While a number of major brands have maintained their rankings since we last compiled the ranking in 2015, the balance across the list is shifting.

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