How China's Urban Millennials and Gen Z Live and Spend

Get latest insights around China's upcoming generations' spending and lifestyle habits.


The Three Key Themes and Eight Trends are:

1. Ubiquitous Digital Convenience

  • Living on Smartphones
  • “Keeping Up with Influencers”
  • Comfort and Convenience in the Home

2. Developing Shopping Preferences

  • Premiumisation: A Tale of Two Groups
  • Redefined “Made in China”

3. Modern Urban Life

  • Pets as Family
  • Advanced Parenting
  • Self-Entertainment

In 2019, millennials and Generation Z accounted for almost 40% of the population in China, an important segment driving the Chinese consumer market.

This report helps local and global businesses understand Chinese urban millennials and Generation Z to seize the market opportunities they offer, focusing on three key themes and eight trends that are critical when profiling this distinctive and important consumer segment.

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