The Future of Work and Education

Presented on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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  • Understand the needs and values driving work and education
  • Explore what the future education system could look like and where institutions should be investing
  • Get tips on how to make business models more flexible, people-centric and digitally enabled

Remote, hybrid and flexible working styles have become the norm for employees and students, but the extent of impact these changes will have on long-term development and business models is yet to be seen. So, how can organisations prepare current and future generations for the jobs of tomorrow in a space with so many unknowns?

In this webinar, Euromonitor’s thought leaders will cover how COVID-19 has affected global labour markets and the spill over this has had on operations and learning patterns.

Speaker2 Image

Jana Rude

Populations and Households Manager

Euromonitor International

Speaker3 Image

Kristina Balciauskaite

Industrial Manager

Euromonitor International

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