2024 Consumer Trends to Watch

Presented on 8 February 2024. Download the slides and recordings today.


What do shoppers expect from brands and retailers? How can you deliver on their demands?

Find those answers in this on-demand webinar. Euromonitor research experts break down the biggest lifestyle and digital consumer trends in 2024. Go beyond our report with deeper insights on shopping behaviour and innovative case studies to equip your growth plans. 

Plus, you’ll get access to three bonus sessions that define the top trends in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Who should watch:

  • FMCG and D2C brands
  • Retailers and e-commerce companies
  • Banks, payment service providers and fintech players
  • Travel, hospitality and restaurant operators
  • Agencies, consultancies and suppliers with B2C clients

What you’ll learn:

  • 11 lifestyle and digital consumer trends to watch
  • Factors and motivators that influence purchase decisions
  • Online shifts and emerging tech set to impact commerce
  • Innovative case studies from around the world
  • Strategies and tactics to support your business

Bonus on-demand sessions:

  • Top trends in Europe, Asia and Latin America

How you can use these insights:

  • Develop new products or services
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Optimise the shopping journey
  • Build effective marketing campaigns
  • Refine your retail distribution strategy

Meet the Euromonitor experts:

Speaker1 Image

Karolina Grigorijevaite

Team Lead – Innovation

Speaker2 Image

Michelle Evans

Global Lead of Retail and Digital Consumer Insights

Speaker3 Image

Stephen Dutton

Client Insight Research Manager

Speaker4 Image

Rodrigo de Mattos

Senior Research Analyst

Speaker5 Image

Rabia Yasmeen

Senior Consultant

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