Global Economic Forecasts: Q2 2023

Released on 1 June 2023


Welcome to your Q2 update on global economic performance in 2023.  

You’ll read estimates for real GDP growth, inflation rates and top risk scenarios this year—all within 15 minutes.

This quarterly forecast report is simple and gets straight to the point, so you can easily digest the latest global outlook. Plus, we break down projections for major economies like the US, China and Eurozone.

Download now for a clear assessment of the 2023 economic trajectory. Use these insights to inform investment decisions, risk management and resource allocation.

Here's a preview:

  • 2.5% real GDP growth forecast—improved from Q1
  • 6.9% inflation forecast—remains on a downward trend but well above historical levels
  • 30% probability of global stagflation scenario (stagnant economic activity combined with high inflation)

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