Citation Policy

Please refer to the press citation policy below. Should you be interested in more information about Euromonitor International, head to our home page or reach out to our global press team.

1. All citations must be attributed to Euromonitor International and include a link back to the original source, when applicable. Examples include:

  • Euromonitor International or Euromonitor
  • Euromonitor International, a market research provider
  • Euromonitor International’s report, “Bottled Water in the US”, published in February 2022

2. Whenever possible, hyperlink our name to Euromonitor’s website or

3. To maintain the accuracy of our data and our analysts’ comments, citations should not be paraphrased or used out of context. Analysts’ comments must be fully credited as follows:

  • full name, title at Euromonitor International

4. Do not share Euromonitor International's data or insights with any third parties, without explicit written consent from us.

5. Full features of reports or datasets are prohibited in any format (PDF, Word, PPT, etc.). Should you be interested in featuring an extract of reports or datasets, submit your request in writing to the global press team.

6. Any citations that reference data or a report that is older than one year from the date of publication must include the month and year of publication “MM/YY” or “YY/MM” and link back to the original piece of content for reference.

7. To ensure the data you're referencing is accurate, please reach out to a member of our press team in your region.

8. Euromonitor International's name and research cannot be used to endorse or criticise a company, product or service.