2022 Top Consumer Trends in Asia Pacific

Presented on May 11, 2022

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  • Explore how the shift in consumer behaviours in the Asia Pacific region impacts your business and understand their expectations
  • Review case studies on how other businesses in the region are responding to these demands
  • Identify growth opportunities and strategic actions to take for future success

Euromonitor International will explore the prominent global consumer trends in SEA and ANZ to showcase consumer behaviours and insights.

Speaker1 Image

Rainal Lu

Regional Head of Growth


Speaker2 Image

Audra Pakalnyte

Head of FavePay Later


Speaker3 Image

Sahiba Puri

Consultant of Home and Tech

Euromonitor International

Speaker4 Image

Tim Foulds

Head of Research

Euromonitor International

Speaker5 Image

Sophia Dpenha

Team Lead

Euromonitor International


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