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Fflur Roberts
Head of Luxury Goods
Euromonitor International
Julia K. Hughes
United States Fashion Industry Association
The luxury industry has flourished for the past decade, but now faces stalled and uncertain growth in 2016. Connectivity and digital innovation offer new opportunities to reach consumers, but shifts in demand and preferences, economic and currency volatility in key markets, political instability and the most recent series of terrorist attacks all present challenges to luxury brands. What is the future of luxury? What are the strategies for success in the coming year?

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  • Gain insight into the profiles and spending habits of high income earners
  • Uncover factors influencing current and future trends, specifically market outlook under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Free Trade Agreement usage and other opportunities for global brands and retailers
  • Inform your business strategy with projections for 2016 and beyond, including long-term forecasts for wealth distribution and key luxury goods markets


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