Impact of COVID-19 on Home Care and Consumer Appliances

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We address your key questions:

  • How will the 'Coronavirus' crash compare to the global economic crisis of 2008?
  • Will consumers transition back to their previous patterns of consumption?
  • How will brands support heightened interest in hygiene and home health?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an unprecedented impact on how people shop and the products they are choosing to buy, with many 'classic' home care brands experiencing strong growth.

Join Ian Bell as he examines the consequences of COVID-19 for home care and associated consumer appliances, as consumers progress from stockpiling to lockdown consumerism. He explores new 'normal' patterns of behaviour and preferences likely to emerge, and the longer-term impact on sustainability, efficacy and legislation initiatives.

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Ian Bell

Global Lead: Home and Tech Research

Euromonitor International

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