Soft Drinks in 2021: Responding to Consumers' Demand for Wellness & Wellbeing

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  • Learn what consumers are looking for in functional drinks
  • Understand why functionality, wellness and wellbeing might matter more now than pre-pandemic
  • Identify what will remain as a primary source of value growth in the non-alcoholic drinks industry

The pandemic has increased the demands on our wellbeing, as people navigate longer and more irregular working hours, particularly parents at home. Food, beverages, nutrition and functional products play a vital role in the wellness routines we build to manage our lives.

In this webinar, Howard Telford, Head of Soft Drinks at Euromonitor International explains the recent performance of the soft drinks industry and showcases five priorities for industry recovery in 2021 including rebuilding away-from-home, a package-free at home and renewed emphasis on functional drinks as part of the “new wellbeing”.

Speaker1 Image

Howard Telford

Head of Soft Drinks

Euromonitor International

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