Shopping Reinvented: Growth of Subscription, Rental, and Resale Business Models

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  • See how sustainability concerns are driving new retail business models

  • Discover how companies can offer additional value to customers wanting to reuse, recycle or resell

  • Understand how commerce is separating into replenishment and non-replenishment/complex items and how marketing efforts will differ in these scenarios

  • Compare the success of subscription, rental and resale models in emerging as well as developed markets

Economic and technological shifts are changing the way shoppers make purchases. Shopping is becoming about the experience as well as the transaction, with retailers and brands seeking to build deeper relationships with customers.

In this webinar we explore three retail business models promoting closer relationships between retailers and customers - subscription, rental and resale. Using case studies we examine the drivers of each and the opportunities and implications for both retailers and brands.

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Amanda Bourlier


Euromonitor International

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Dorrit Chen


Euromonitor International

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Ricardo Sfeir


Euromonitor International

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