Rise of Plant-Based Eating and Alternative Proteins: Understanding Flexitarians and Growth Trends

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  • Understand why consumers are moving to flexitarian or plant-based diets
  • Compare growth of global meat substitutes vs dairy substitutes
  • Learn about innovations in meat, dairy and seafood alternative products

23% of consumers globally are trying to limit their meat intake, typically as a result of health, sustainability and animal welfare concerns.

In this webinar we look at trends influencing the flexitarian or plant-based consumer. We highlight plant-based and other alternative protein products coming to market, products that allow consumers to enjoy the same tastes, textures and versatility as animal-derived foods.

Speaker1 Image

Amrutha Shridhar

Senior Consultant

Euromonitor International

Speaker2 Image

Tom Rees

Industry Manager of Food and Nutrition

Euromonitor International

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