5 Trends Defining the Future of Manufacturing

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  • Understand the latest outlook of global economy and COVD-19
  • Identify the ways for companies to improve supply chain flexibility
  • Explore how companies are rethinking their strategies to better prepare for future shocks

Outbreak of COVID-19 has left long-lasting impacts on global manufacturing and supply chain sectors. According to our survey results, around 30% of companies are planning to implement supply chain resiliency and risk mitigation solutions. Another result indicates that around 50% of companies are planning to reshape their digital strategies and investigating into e-commerce.

This webinar will provide an overview and updated forecasts on the global manufacturing sector touching on five future trends in the supply chain including case studies per trend.

Speaker1 Image

Justinas Liuima

Senior Consultant

Euromonitor International

Speaker2 Image

Giedrius Stalenis


Euromonitor International

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