Strategic Themes in Food and Nutrition: Coronavirus Update

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  • Discover which food and nutrition trends are accelerating because of the Coronavirus era and which are being slowed

The shift of meal occasions into the home is a major consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, driving sales of packaged food up to USD 2.5 trillion in 2020. Alongside this we are changing the way we shop, showing more interest in our health and being mindful of spending during the global recession.

In this webinar Tom Rees assesses COVID-19's impact on the hot topics shaping food and nutrition. The topics fit into seven broad strategic themes, including plant-based eating and alternative proteins, functional foods, mindful eating and the new food beliefs, sustainable eating and the environmental cost of food, and food tech and the digital economy.

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Tom Rees

Industry Manager: Food and Nutrition

Euromonitor International

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