Using Health Product Claims to Tap into Consumer Trends

Released on Tuesday 12th April, 2022

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Acceptance, self-care and inclusion are at the forefront of consumers’ mindsets in 2022. But how can businesses connect with these Self-Love Seekers who demand products that elevate their sense of self?

In this webinar, we will examine how the Self-Love Seekers trend is manifesting through the lens of consumer health products.

Watch now to learn:

  • The most and least prominent health attributes that resonate with Self-Love Seekers
  • Which companies have successfully adapted their product claims to relate to this trend
  • How to create effective and innovative claims to win business
Speaker1 Image

Matthew Oster

Senior Industry Manager - Consumer Health

Euromonitor International

Speaker2 Image

Jared Conway

Head of Research - Training and Product Development

Euromonitor International

Speaker3 Image

Alison Angus

Head of Lifestyles

Euromonitor International

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