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Passport is a global market research database providing insight on industries, economies and consumers worldwide, helping our clients analyse market context and identify future trends impacting businesses globally.

Our clients in more than 106 countries rely on Passport for their strategies and annual planning to develop and expand business opportunities, answer critical tactical questions and influence strategic decision-making.

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Instantly access global economic, industry and consumer research

Passport’s intuitive interface provides access to more than 115 million internationally standardised statistics, helping you better understand your core business as well as adjacent opportunities.

Gain an unbiased view of industry sectors, country markets and companies using research from our analysts around the world, leveraging their knowledge of the local market, fluency in the local language and access to the best research sources.

Analyse your markets and consumers

Access timely data and analysis on consumer lifestyles, population trends and socioeconomic analysis for every country and consumer type down to the city level.

Use interactive Dashboards to visually explore category, company and channel data for an industry or dive deeper into consumer trends using our economic, socioeconomic and demographic data.

Anticipate future trends and risks

Passport’s extensive historical and forecast data allows you to anticipate demand in your own categories and understand categories important to your customers and competitors.

Examine opportunities, challenges and threats your current and prospective clients face in both developed and developing markets, helping you tailor your strategies accordingly.

Identify your next opportunity

Passport helps you quickly assess the size of the market, the market environment, the competitive landscape and market positioning of companies to pinpoint growth opportunities and maximise returns on investment.

Detailed analysis of consumer and industrial markets around the world across 781 cities, 210 countries, and 27 industries with historic data from 1997 and forecasts through 2020.

Granular insight for clients around the world

Over 90% of our Passport clients in 154 countries around the world renew every year, many of them amongst the world’s largest companies. To learn more, select your industry to see how Passport supports your organisation.

The world’s top academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies use Passport to understand the global business environment in a time of rapid change and increased globalisation. 98% of the world's leading business schools, universities and colleges renew their subscriptions to Passport each year.

Passport supports teaching and research across a range of disciplines:

  • International business and marketing
  • Economics
  • Social studies
  • Humanities
  • Geography
  • Travel
  • International hospitality management
  • Food marketing
  • International relations

Passport’s easy to use analysis and visualisation tools help faculty design teaching materials and projects with real world relevance:

  • Strategic planning
  • Economic analysis
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Competitive threats
  • Market entry studies
  • Merger and acquisition possibilities
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Sales channel management
  • Consumer insight

Passport research develops the connection between agencies and their customers, supporting account planning, new business and pitching and campaign development.

Analyse domestic and international market patterns and identify changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors using Passport market research.

Account Planning

Enhance your value proposition with reliable and engaging consumer, industry and company research.

Campaign Development

Enhance creative capabilities with detailed lifestyle analysis and survey data, helping you understand your target audience and supporting campaigns with adaptations based on country and regional factors.

New Business Pitching

Spot target opportunities, understand key industry drivers and identify consumer factors affecting your brands.

Strategy Development

Visualise the future of your business by understanding your current FMCG position, assess economic and cultural risk factors and identify new clients and markets.

Passport market research offers the finance industry support for the private equity and M&A advisory investment process, supporting the initial pitch to transaction.

Passport offers credible research to support the investment lifecycle, intelligence to build coverage of small, mid and large cap stocks, support for asset management and hedge funds and reliable industry analysis for your investment strategies.

Investment Banking

Passport’s independent research supplies information memorandums and company valuations, advises pitch books, briefing packs and marketing presentations and supports commercial due diligence and IPOs.

Private Equity

Validate information memorandums, evaluate investment opportunities and use industry analysis and commentary to monitor and advise portfolio companies.

Asset Management and Hedge Funds

Support investment strategies, understand company performance using detailed brand and company shares and identify key macro and micro trends.


Analyse performance of entire economies to evaluate industry competitiveness, understand global business environments to build procurement and location strategies and examine the interdependency of industries to ensure cost efficiencies across the supply chain.

Our Passport market research provides vital support to professional services and consultancies operating in consumer and non-consumer industries around the world.

Passport provides essential insight, supporting M&A evaluation, corporate finance transactions and the development of marketing, brand and channel strategies. Passport also helps your organisation understand global industry operating environments, assisting corporate decision making and helping identify supply chain management options and forecasts.


Evaluate investment opportunities, understand companies using detailed brand and company shares and identify key macro and micro economic drivers.

Corporate and Organisational Strategy Research

Identify your client’s market opportunities with current and future market performance data and analysis, revealing internal and external drivers within an industry and company. Review new market entry opportunities and assess economic and cultural risk factors for different route to market approaches and build growth strategies using industry forecasts.

Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis

Profile competitor targets in the context of market activity and market share by brand and company. Examine industry performance issues and profile consumers using our detailed consumer and company profiles to determine the potential for M&A activity.

New Business Development

Use and manipulate Passport’s in-depth data, statistics and written analysis to support client pitches and demonstrate market insight credibility.

Sales and Marketing

Build marketing plans through detailed consumer and survey analysis, support sales and channel effectiveness with comprehensive distribution analysis, determine pricing approaches through evaluating global and local markets and define customer types using unique demographic breakdowns by age and income.

Supply Chain Management Projects

Our unique Passport: Industrial data analyses the largest economies of the world and their cost structure, identifying sources of supply and profit margins in each stage of the supply chain.

Tax and Audit

Build industry knowledge to understand issues facing your clients, assess the global business environment to provide accurate advice and forecast changes in the market to support corporate strategy.

National and global financial institutions use Passport to identify and understand market opportunities, cardholder behaviour and consumer spending and benchmarking, supporting operators, issuers, processors, technology providers and retail banks.

Acquisition and Strategy

Use Passport’s retailing, foodservice and travel research to spot new card occasions and to detail existing merchant relationships. Examine potential lift in financial card spending in all sectors of the merchant landscape from supermarkets to hotels.

Competitive Intelligence

Examine operator and issuer profiles and understand their strategies. Operators and issuers can increase transaction volume and value. Retail banks rely on Passport to evaluate levels of borrowing, debt and delinquent loans by sector.

Growth Opportunities in New Markets

Financial card companies utilise Passport: Travel & Tourism analysis to anticipate the impact of tourism on plastic spending. Passport: Retailing data allows card companies to gain an early mover advantage based on evolving retail format, expanding their merchant base and high growth product categories.

Market Entry Assessment

In the expansion of their geographic footprint, financial institutions rely on Passport to evaluate the payment environment before committing resources. Passport supplies critical details on consumer attitudes, appetites for consumer finance products and the regulatory climate. Our analysis allows financial institutions to pursue growth while recognising disruption that may exist in the market.

The foodservice industry and supplier network use Passport market research for local and global strategy development, target-setting, commercial management, range analysis, training on trends and opportunities, consumer profiling, social trends analysis and buyer and supplier management.

Corporate Strategy Planning

Passport illustrates the strategic outlook for foodservice products and channels, helping set goals for business units, fascia, regions and countries. Passport research assesses market entry opportunities, risks and competition and facilitates long-term visionary thinking on emerging markets worldwide.


Procurement teams use Passport food and drinks market research to support partnerships with suppliers. Sourcing the right product mix relies on consumer knowledge and on the working relationship between operator and supplier to meet today’s consumer needs, grow categories and add value for customers.

Competitive Strategies

Detailed share analysis and company profiles help you understand peers, anticipate initiatives and track market positions. Our clients can watch both chains and independents in every market segment.

Consumer and Category Insights

Identify customer behaviour in your outlets, correlate consumption behaviour of consumers and how at-home food and drink trends compare to eating out. Our additional expertise in the retail world lets us track the interplay of innovations between the off-premise and on-premise markets for each product. We also give insights into the macro-economic environment and consumer lifestyles in markets where restaurants operate.


Our maps of foodservice, retail and travel locations guide outlet expansion decisions. Passport also covers strategy issues including incomes, share of wallet, demographics, households, operating environments, payment trends, work and leisure and flavour and packaging trends.

Passport helps the world’s top economic development and export/trade promotion organisations understand the global business environment in a time of rapid change and increased globalisation.

We have a long history of helping government agencies, export development and foreign direct investment programmes, trade missions and region developmental institutions with improving exports, on trade investment, development projects and targeting development funding.

Market Entry and Investment

Passport offers an in-depth understanding of export markets around the world, assessing the relative size, strength and key trends in each market. Evaluate new markets abroad, understand the operating environment across different countries, monitor the impact of economic development on the international market and advise clients on opportunities by anticipating the success of hundreds of B2B industries and consumer product categories.

Economic Development

Identify potential inward investment opportunities and assist policy making and government advisory and lobbying activities.

Market Intelligence

Track global trends across various industries and sectors, reducing research time and improving the quality of available market research.

Recent Passport Projects Include:

  • Impact of government subsidies to food industries in Post EU accession countries
  • Opportunities for raw material suppliers to increase Chinese commercial activity
  • Export market reports on food suppliers in 20 commodity categories across 39 countries
  • Understanding the fresh-cut produce supply chain in five key export markets

Passport measures the ingredients used in consumer products, identifies growth areas as product formulations evolve and details product recipes, helping you spot growth opportunities in both category and country markets.

Understand how consumption and usage of ingredients varies from country to country and how companies in the ingredients supply chain use Passport research for long-term market reviews, strategic planning, the targeting of new markets and end products and customer profiling.

Corporate Strategy Planning

For an ingredients solutions provider, corporate planning requires a clear view of demand by ingredient type, end product, geography and customer. Passport: Ingredients research helps by mapping the strategic outlook of your industry. We help executive management set goals by region and country and use demand forecasts to test assumptions on capacity investment, M&A, diversification scenarios, opportunity and risk.

Product, Brand and Category Management

Passport coordinates marketing and sales goals with actual customer demand in each product category. We offer perspectives on product development, launches and brand performance and support category management with analysis on purchasing trends across consumer goods.

Competitive Strategies

Passport provides the most detailed measurements available on the B2B ingredients market for each consumer goods category, offering detailed and actionable analysis of market positions and competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Consumer Insights

Ingredient concept developers track consumer preferences with Passport, developing relevant new offerings with clear views on trends and attitudes and confirming the potential of new ingredients and new applications of existing technologies. Passport market research shows your partners a market-led approach to issues such as convenience, indulgence, nutrition and health.

500 of the world’s top household names in FMCG use Passport to support their global strategies. Consumer goods manufacturers use Passport market research for annual reviews, strategic planning, target-setting, M&A analysis, market entry, consumer segmenting, routes to market and sourcing and procurement.

Passport research includes:

  • Apparel
  • Alcoholic, Soft and Hot Drinks
  • Automotive
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Health
  • Eyewear
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home and Garden
  • Home Care
  • Luxury Goods
  • Packaged and Fresh Food
  • Personal Accessories
  • Pet Care
  • Tissue and Hygiene
  • Tobacco
  • Toys and Games

Corporate Strategy Planning

Passport market size and trend research helps map your strategic outlook and set goals by region, consumer type and country, providing intelligence on M&A assessment, opportunity and market entry, market risk and competitive threats.

Product and Brand Management

Insight into product and brand trends helps national and international marketing, sales and promotions operations add context to price monitoring, positioning and branding. Passport supports marketing and advertising claims and gain perspectives on product development, launches and brand performance.

Consumer Insights

Studying communities and lifestyles helps define the ever-changing consumer, feeding your marketing, insight and knowledge teams. Track the impact of social trends and update your economic and demographic outlook.

Competitive Strategies

Market shares and company profiles are invaluable to every producer’s competitive intelligence work. We help benchmark peers and track competitors.

Sales and Account Management

With research on products and distribution, we offer direct support to new sales and client relationships. Passport helps set relevant metrics to exploit the dynamics of old and new channels. Business developers enjoy better-informed communications with clients and sharper, benefits-led targeting of new customers.

Supplier Relationships

Passport helps the analysis of supply-side trends, production and trade in raw materials and detailed analysis of the packaging and ingredients of consumer goods. This is used by procurement, sourcing, logistics and operations to understand their suppliers’ needs and to maintain competitive supply terms.

Our packaging market research assists annual reviews, strategic planning, target-setting, market entry and category management, supporting consumer packaging manufacturers, converters, raw material producers and machinery suppliers.

Consumer Insights

Passport tracks changing consumer lifestyles and trends, helping packagers develop new, relevant offerings. Perceiving social trends is vital to understanding the potential of new packaging types and new applications of existing technology.

Corporate Strategy Planning

Passport details demand by type, size, region and end product usage combined with trends analysis. Executive management and international manufacturers use our demand forecasts to test their assumptions and goals for capacity investment, M&A, diversification, opportunity and risk.

Product, Brand and Category Management

Use Passport to coordinate marketing, sales and operational goals against customer and market demand, offering perspectives on new product development, product launches and brand performance. Passport offers category managers market research on closures, multi-packaging, easy-opening, returnables, resealables, cost-saving design innovations and dispensing systems.

Competitive Strategies

Passport market research provides the most detailed measurements available on the B2B market for consumer goods category packaging. This feeds detailed, actionable analysis of the packager’s positions, strengths and weaknesses and helps packagers benchmark and track their peers.

Sales and Account Management

We give a global map of customers to sales and client relationship teams. Master a customer’s structure, capacity and outlook, and see how much of the customer’s business you have. Chase new business with better knowledge of the prospect’s markets and challenges.

Retailers use Passport’s global and country level analysis for corporate strategy, target-setting, category management, buying, range analysis, channel development, consumer profiling and projects on social trends analysis and forecasting.

Corporate Strategy Planning

Passport market research reviews the strategic outlook in retailing worldwide, in specific consumer sectors and in the wider social and economic context. We help executive management set goals and targets for their regions and countries, providing intelligence for mergers and acquisitions, opportunity and market entry studies, market risk and competitive threat analysis.


Passport’s product category research offers retail buyers and procurement context in negotiating with suppliers along with greater awareness of market trends, consumer preferences and brand competition. This supports successful retailer-supplier relationships, helping you work together to grow categories and add value for customers.

Competitive Strategies

Retail channel size, share analysis and profiles are invaluable to competitive intelligence work. We help benchmark peers, anticipate competitor initiatives and track competitive positions.

Consumer, Channel and Category Insights

Correlate in-store shopper behavioural insights with consumption, expenditure and category trends.

Commercial Management

Passport explores channel development issues such as tracking internet sales growth against alternative channels and assessing each in-store category against the wider market. This identifies distribution patterns and offers potential new directions to broaden or consolidate store ranges.

Special Projects

Passport reviews unique macro and micro issues in retailing strategy such as incomes, share of wallet, demographics, household structures, business environments, marketing strategies, payment trends, travel, eating out and work and leisure trends.

Travel organisations use Passport market analysis for market and strategy reviews, target-setting, merger and acquisition analysis, promotional campaigns, customer segmentation, trends spotting and forecasting. Our research supports airlines, car rental agencies, hotels, national tourism organisations and tour operators.

Strategy Planning

Commercial and public sector tourism organisations use Passport’s global market research for long-term organisational planning. Our consistent market demand and trend analysis supports annual and multi-year reviews of the strategic outlook. We help executive management set goals by category and channel, providing intelligence for M&A assessment, opportunity and market entry studies, market risk and competitive threat reports.

Brand Management

Insight into market performance and consumer preferences assists marketing, sales and promotion departments, adding context to price, position and partner and branding strategies. Passport help brands within different sectors of the leisure and business travel industries work together with the right partners.

Competitive Strategies

Detailed market shares and company profiles help travel companies benchmark, track and learn from their peers.

Consumer Insights

Studying consumer lifestyles, travel patterns and the economic and demographic outlook helps the travel industry better define and understand the changing business traveller and holidaymaker, feeding into marketing, brand and management functions. We also track lifestyle changes, travel patterns analysis and the economic and demographic outlook.

Sales and Account Management

Through our uniquely comprehensive coverage of the travel marketplace, we highlight the positioning and challenges of industry competitors. We offer a wide range of possibilities when seeking new partners, helping secure long-term partnerships amongst airlines, car rental organisations, hotel groups, tour operators, online travel agencies and other providers.

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