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Passport is a global market research database providing insight on industries, economies and consumers worldwide, helping our clients analyse market context and identify future trends impacting businesses globally.

Our clients in more than 106 countries rely on Passport for their strategies and annual planning to develop and expand business opportunities, answer critical tactical questions and influence strategic decision-making.

Access global economic,

industry and consumer research

Access more than 115 million internationally standardised statistics, helping you better understand your core business as well as adjacent opportunities.

Gain an unbiased view of industry sectors, country markets and companies using research from our analysts around the world, leveraging their knowledge of the local market, fluency in the local language and access to the best research sources.

We trust Euromonitor International's data over other sources and could not do without Passport.

Sales Development Manager

Global Ingredients Supplier

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markets and consumers

Access timely data and analysis on consumer lifestyles, population trends and socioeconomic analysis for every country and consumer type down to the city level.

Use interactive dashboards to visually explore category, company and channel data for an industry or dive deeper into consumer trends using our economic, socioeconomic and demographic data.

Passport is integral and our first stop in building strategies delivered to our leadership team.

Strategic Planning Director

Global FMCG Manufacturer

Anticipate future

trends and risks

Passport's extensive historical and forecast data allows you to anticipate demand in your own categories and understand categories important to your customers and competitors.

Examine opportunities, challenges and threats that your current and prospective clients face in both developed and developing markets, helping you tailor your strategies accordingly.

Passport provides my team with a wealth of rich consumer trends, industry insights and company SWOTs, helping us to design effective strategies and solutions for our clients.

Account Director

Global Marketing Agency

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Passport helps you quickly assess the size of the market, the market environment and the competitive landscape and market positioning of companies to pinpoint growth opportunities and maximise returns on investment.

I've been using Passport for years because of its user interface, tools and reports, making it easy for my global teams to navigate and quickly identify relevant data.

Market Intelligence Director

Global Packaging Manufacturer

Euromonitor received

The Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade

due to its substantial international sales growth.

Academic and Libraries

The world's top academic institutions use Passport for teaching and research across a range of disciplines, from business and economics to international relations and marketing.

Using Passport's robust analysis and visualisation tools, faculty design teaching materials and projects with "real-world" relevance, such as strategic planning, economic analysis, industry benchmarking, competitive threats and market entry studies.


Passport develops the connection between agencies and their customers, supporting account planning, campaign development, new business and pitching.

With access to millions of statistics and analysis on industries, economies and consumers, Passport enhances agency capabilities and helps agency staff become experts on clients' industries and target audiences.


Passport market research offers the finance industry support for the private equity and merger and acquisition advisory investment process, supporting the initial pitch to transaction.

Banking institutions use Passport's credible, wide-ranging research to support the investment lifecycle and market intelligence to build coverage of small-, mid- and large-cap stocks, asset management and hedge funds.

Professional Services

Passport supports B2C and B2B professional services and consultancies in industries around the world, providing essential cross-country-comparable research that supports M&A evaluation, corporate finance transactions and the development of marketing, brand and channel strategies.

Providing instant access to millions of statistics and analysis on industries, economies and consumers, Passport helps professional services firms understand global industry environments.

Consumer Finance

National and global financial institutions use Passport to identify and understand market opportunities, cardholder behaviour, consumer spending and benchmarking, supporting operators, issuers, processors, technology providers and retail banks.

Passport offers data and analysis on consumer payment preferences, brand shares, trends, competitive landscapes and forecasts across markets, helping financial institutions build strategies with a complete picture of the long-term outlook.

Food Service

The foodservice industry and supplier network use Passport for local and global strategy development, commercial management, trend analysis, consumer profiling and buyer and supplier management.

Passport offers granular data and analysis on consumer behaviour inside and outside of the store, competitors, opportunities and challenges in target markets, helping organisations fine-tune go-to-market strategies across key regions, countries, states and cities.

Government and Trade

Passport helps the world's top economic development and export and trade promotion organisations understand the rapidly changing global business environment.

Government agencies, export development and foreign direct investment programmes, trade missions and region developmental institutions use Passport to improve exports, on-trade investment, development projects and funding.


Ingredients companies use Passport to understand varying consumption and usage of ingredients from country to country, supporting strategic planning, market entry and customer profiling.

Passport offers data and analysis on the ingredients used in consumer products, product recipes and growth areas as product formulations evolve, helping ingredients companies become an expert on target markets.


More than 500 of the world's top companies in FMCG use Passport to support global strategies. Consumer goods manufacturers use Passport for strategic planning, M&A analysis, market entry, consumer segmentation, competitive analysis and procurement.

Manufacturers map the strategic outlook with Passport, helping set goals by consumer type, country and region and gain perspective on product development and brand performance.


Top packaging organisations use Passport for strategic planning, target-setting, market entry, annual reviews and category management, supporting consumer packaging manufacturers, converters, raw material producers and machinery suppliers.

Passport helps packaging clients understand the global packaging landscape, identify prospects for new technical packaging development and pinpoint where growth opportunities lie.


The world's top retailers use Passport's global- and country-level data and analysis for corporate strategy, target-setting, category management, buying, channel development, consumer profiling, social trends analysis and forecasting.

Providing millions of statistics and analysis on the consumer and business environment globally and by market, Passport helps retailers become an expert on target markets.


Travel organisations around the world use Passport for market and strategy reviews, target-setting, merger and acquisition analysis, marketing communications campaigns, customer segmentation, trend analysis and forecasting.

Supporting airlines, car rental agencies, hotels, national tourism organisations and tour operators, Passport offers industry and economic insight to fully evaluate the business environment, supporting strategies to improve growth and market share.


Detailed analysis of consumer and industrial markets around the world across 781 cities, 210 countries and markets and 27 industries.


Search within Passport to explore thousands of topics and subcategories at a global, regional and country level.


Passport's visualisation tools contextualise our vast amount of data into powerful, user-friendly dashboards.


Understand drivers behind growth, competitive landscapes and macro trends with our wide range of articles and reports.


By combining our global insight with local knowledge, Passport provides a complete view of industries, economies, companies and consumers around the world.



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