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While the desire to look good is nearly universal among global consumers, what exactly "looking good" means, and how much time, effort and money goes into it can vary greatly depending on age, gender or nationality.

Regardless of whether consumers spend seconds, minutes or hours in front of the mirror each day, they all invest in their appearance. Demand for products helping consumers look their best, whether they are skin care, hair care, cosmetics, fragrances, clothing, footwear or accessories, make personal care and apparel two of the most dynamic industries in the global marketplace. 

To stay competitive in this growing industry, companies must understand global consumers' grooming habits, style and attitudes towards appearances. 

This report investigates:

  • Attitudes towards style and appearance
  • Grooming habits
  • Purchase frequency and responsibility
  • The path to purchase

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Free Survey Extract: Global Consumer Survey Results on Apparel, Beauty and Grooming